About Us ,We are recruiters and trainers for the automotive world.


Job Training USA spoke recently with Auto Dealers concerning auto sales people around the country regarding what training is needed or being done in today's Automobile environment. And the answer was overwhelming: get back to basics! Plan your business and work your plan, paying extra attention to the details and Customer Service .

Employment and Training If you like People and Cars and want to make Money This could be for you. WEEKLY PAYCHECKS, GREAT BENEFIT PACKAGE, GREAT COMMISSIONS, DEMO PLAN, RETIREMENT PLAN, SUPER MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY.




Roger Newbold , a 39 year veteran of sales and management founded Auto Sales Training Group in 1995.
  Throughout his career, Roger prospered, and found the kind of success that seemed to elude his colleagues.
  Roger credits his success to a simple philosophy - find a system that works and stick to it. Through many years
of hard work and dedication, he did exactly that. And The Program he offers is the outline for success that he has drawn.


Eight years ago, I needed a great paying career. I achieved that through Roger
Newbold and ASTG. They challenged me to a career in auto sales and I haven't turned back since.
The past three years as a sales consultant have been the greatest financial years of my life.
Thanks, Roger for making it possible for me to have this great career.
I will always be indebted to you and ASTG. Janet

I would like to start by saying Thanks to Roger Newbold and ASTG
Mr. Newbold Accepted me into his sales Training class with no
experience and projected me into a Six Figure Income position in less
than a years time. It has been 5 years since I completed the course,
I am now a Finance Manager in the automobile Industry.

I Love my Job

Richard Adams